App Spotlight: Book Creator


Kids can publish their own ebooks using Book Creator

In a world of Zoodles, Jibjabs and Meepmorps, it is refreshing when an app’s name is exactly what it does. Book Creator doesn’t bury the lede, and that is indicative of the kind of app it is: straight, to the point, utilitarian. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun and creative. Let’s hear from the people who make Book Creator before we get into what I think about it.

For such a simple app, Book Creator is pretty powerful. Students have the ability to create and share books in an easy to use interface. Students can add media like photos, video, and audio. They can draw and add shapes. And most importantly, they can add text.

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The free version has most of the features of the premium app, but you can only create ONE book in the free version (but there are creative ways to work with that in the classroom). Another downside is you don’t have complete control over the size of text boxes, or how text works in the book. For instance, you can’t start typing on one page and it automatically continues to the next page. This limits Book Creator as far as publishing a traditional novel, but it is doable with a bit of work.

For classroom purposes, students could use Book Creator to explain a concept rather than using Keynote, Powerpoint or Slides. They could make their own portfolio of their writings and art. With it’s ability to insert video, Book Creator could even be used as a place to create a video diary. Once the book is finished, students can share it as an ebook or even publish it in the iTunes store.

While Book Creator might not be as powerful as something like iBooks Author, it’s still a great tool that has a place in the classroom. If you are a teacher who wants to pay for the app, it is only $4.99 and it might be a great place to start if you want to start creating your own textbooks (that also includes a comic book creator function). Check out the website for Book Creator, and download Book Creator Free in the iTunes App Store. 


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