Google and Apple Are Offering Online Professional Development…With BADGES!!

In an effort to win teachers over to their respective sides, both Apple and Google are offering training programs for educators. Some of the perks are free training in Apple and Google apps, certification upon completion, and cool badges to let others know that you are certified in the platform of your choice.


If you’re anything like this guy, you might not think you care about badges at all, but there is definitely a little prestige that comes with the badges. Also, you can join the ranks of other educators who are recognized as experts in the field.

Now, if badges aren’t your thing, the best thing about these two programs is that they are comprehensive training with a wide range of options, and they are self-paced. Finally, they are FREE!

Apple Training

Badges for iPad Training Modules

Badges for iPad Training Modules

Apple provides training with two separate lanes: Badges for iPad and Badges for Mac. Both are completely worthwhile, but since we are a 1:1 school , I would definitely recommend the Badges for iPad lane. It has training in all of the iPad native apps, and there are free iBooks to delve deeper into each subject. I highly recommend it.

Google for Education Training

Google for Education Certification Course

Google for Education Certification Course

Google’s training is equally as robust, but they offer levels of certification beyond the basics. What’s great about the Google Certification program is that it allows teachers to take free training and level up to become certified trainers and innovators. The only drawback is while the training is free, the tests to become certified come with a cost. Level one is $10, and it increases from there.

Either way, both of these programs are worthwhile, and they will definitely help you grow professionally. I’ve completed my Apple training, and I’m now working on my Google certification. It would even be a good idea to start study groups to help one another complete the programs!

Check out Apple Training and Google Certification below:

Apple Teacher Learning Center

Apple Teacher Learning Center

Google for Education Training Center

Google for Education Training Center




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