Notability for Math

Hi everyone! We recently rolled out Notability to the entire district, but I wanted to take the time to reach out specifically to the Math department with this post because Math is the discipline that I can really see some value with Notability. Before watching the videos below, be sure to catch up with the Notability Basics Video playlist I posted earlier.

This short video on how to use the record function in Notability seems like a great way to help kids who might need a bit more explanation of a concept:


This student made video for Notability in Math is a great example of how Notability can be used specifically in a Math class:


Here’s a longer example of Notability being used in a college Calculus course, but it’s a great tutorial of how to use Notability and some of its uses:

In each of these cases, you get to see just how useful Notability can be in the Math classroom. I hope this has been helpful! If you have any questions or concerns please contact me!


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